Living It Real

I moved back home to Zim in May last year. I won’t lie, I experienced serious anxiety about my move as chronicled here. I’d be moving from a city synonymous with convenience to one notorious for its high cost of living and insane levels of unemployment.

This required me to be completely honest with myself in asking how I would make this transition without a drastic change in my lifestyle. This may sound pretentious to some, but relocation depression is a real thing and I wanted to minimise aggravators as much as possible.

What also made the transition interesting is that despite the economic challenges that Zimbabwe finds itself under, us Zimbabweans are known to enjoy the finer things in life – and make sure everyone be knowing they are! Next to our Nigerian brothers (who, let’s be honest, we can’t even compete with), Zimbos like to show off. Sometimes in the most illogical and ignorant ways. I blame Hip-Hop.


I’m too much of a realist for that. Honestly speaking, I find this excess is often displayed whilst spitting in the face of those who are fighting for survival. A la Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake”.

Eat Cake

The Mission

Initially, I thought to write a series of posts on here to share over a couple of weeks. I would share a few tips on how I have navigated life in Zim these past few months. This would be for those who, like me, appreciate a certain quality of life and are happy to do so on a budget. I do not deny that I am fortunate, but I do recognise that there are levels to this ‘fortune’ game. Let’s just say I fall on the lower end of the spectrum.

After much brainstorming, thought and processing, I realised that my idea had some legs. There are so many elements to tackle and I do believe they will be helpful to someone out there. I don’t believe we are honest enough about living in Zim as we should be, so while there might be other voices tackling this already, we need as many reminders as we can.

I am, thus, pleased to introduce my new baby, ‘Zim On Zip‘, to you all. This is a blog about “living it real” – thriving realistically in an often unrealistic world.

Zim On Zip

The Vision

My aim with this blog is to help Zimbos (in particular and any other interested parties) to recognise that a good quality of life does not equal extravagance. If we are smart, savvy and creative, we can form a life that we love to live, in the process, inspiring others to do the same.


In a material world , it is so easy getting caught up with acquiring. I believe that our world is hemorrhaging because we are too absorbed in ourselves. If we strove for greatness whilst optimising our present reality, we would be equipped to help and love those around us.

I am definitely preaching to myself first here and I invite you to grab a seat in the pews. I  am on a quest to make the most of what I have, so I can be a better steward and citizen of the world “dahling” *Mariah Carey voice*.

Yours in Living It Real

Rumbi Dube



5 thoughts on “Living It Real

  1. Yaaaasssss hunty!!! I’m here for all of this – no joke. Great read and it’s so you which makes it authentic which means as your fans we can relate with you x

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