Jungle Book: 2016’s Best Blockbuster

Photo credit: Coming Soon Net
Photo credit: Coming Soon Net

In my opinion at least.

The Jungle Book holds a special place in my heart. The 1967 cartoon adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s book is my mother’s favourite Disney flick. Her favourite character? Baloo. Of course.

When I heard about the 2016 remake, I wasn’t too sure. This was a Disney classic and remakes can butcher a fan favourite. The trailer was great and I was convinced to check it out even though trailers, like looks, can be very deceiving (think ‘Avengers’).

I bought my ticket and 3D glasses. 3D movies can sometimes be incredibly disappointing so I wasn’t really holding my breath so I let it go. Boy am I glad that I was pleasantly surprised. The movie blew me away and here’s why.

Jungle Book FTW

  • Though an adaptation of the classic, there were new elements that were also incorporated to make it beautiful
  • The storyline was solid and captivating
  • They kept the classic songs like the upbeat ‘The Bare Necessities’ which always gets me jiggling
  • Idris Elba killed it as the voice of Sheer Khan *shivers*
  • I wouldn’t have recognised it was Lupita’s voice as Raksha (Mama of the cubs) had it not been for the credits. She slayed her vocal performance.
  • For his first full-feature film, Neel Sethi kilt it!
  • Rudyard Kipling also wrote one of my favourite poems ‘If’ which I have written about before
  • The visuals are insane. Shot predominantly in front of a blue screen virtual environment, the team behind the flick really brought it to life in such a captivating way. Kudos to them
  • Goose bumps. I had proper goose bumps as I watched it.

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