Why Issa Rae is Bae


Regular AF!

She created an entire show on the everyday experience of an average black woman in ‘The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl’!! Need I say more?

Most of the time, black women are portrayed as mad, angry, gold-digging, uneducated, pillars whose role is solely to hold the family together at all costs even ones own sanity, strong, hardworking and survivors. That’s not to discredit these elements that do feature in some black woman. But at last someone portrays us as women who go through everyday life questioning things and navigating life’s awkward moments.

Issa is a Senegalese-American who lived in Dakar, Senegal for a few years with her family. She understands the complexities of being too black and too ‘white’ in different environments that often lead to a feeling of isolation especially when growing up and as you move from one place to another.

Her trajectory is also inspiring. She is a Stanford graduate who was trying to figure out what to do with her life when she began her YouTube series whilst her peers were doctoring and lawyering their way up the corporate ladder.

She did what she enjoyed, had fun with it and created a strong following that led her to have her very own HBO show ‘Insecure’ that was released in 2016 to some rave reviews. Along with my favourite director, Melina Matsoukas, and other incredible team members, they are sharing our stories as black people in a humorous, real and relatable way that doesn’t get portrayed.

Issa is Bae because:

  • She is smart
  • She is important
  • She is gorgeous (yes to that glowing, chocolate skin)
  • She is hilarious
  • She persevered against all odds
  • She is creating opportunities for other marginalised creators
  • She is relatable
  • She got Solange to be the music consultant for her show
  • She likes to make up raps in front of the mirror (YASSSS!! *dusts off my Lil’ Ru mic*)
  • She celebrated the show with a Brooklyn block party

Peep the trailer below and see what I’m talmbout! I can’t wait to watch the whole season!


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