Why Are You Rejecting Me?

I never chose to be made

Or tell father to abandon ship

I never chose to be created

No gun in holster at my hip

Planted in your womb for lack of choice

To you I am nothingness. Null. Void.

Where else was I to grow?

In pursuit to be perfect me

A million others I had to fight

Just to be conceived

Now your blood boils

Survival has become toil

You pump me into obesity with wrong

Malnourish me with no right

You have rejected me

I tried hard to reach full term

But full term feels an eternity

When you’ve never belonged

Why have you rejected me?

I do but I don’t understand

Where shall I go and how will I survive

If you won’t lend a helping hand?

So I will fight, must fight to get to light

And will raise myself like no other

I may be premature, but I’ll be alright

‘Til I find a new home to call mother


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