How My Instagram Feed Brought Me Back To God

Lately, I realised that something in my life was missing. Something was amiss and I’d lost the sparkle that lighted my days. Sometimes minuscule but always there.

Kid Cudi wrote a song about it. Isn’t that what most people want at the end of the day? Happiness. I thought that was what I too desired, but I recalled reading somewhere that:

Reality – Expectations = Happiness

Well, we all know living a life dependent on this equation will probably result in much unhappiness. Happiness is but a fleeting emotion.

So no, that couldn’t be it. I knew I wanted to be content and at peace in my life no matter what may come my way. I thirsted for “the peace that passes all understanding”, and I knew that it is something I needed to pray for and meditate on. A long journey that I wanted to embark on.

In the midst of this, I wondered what it is I could do to bring that sparkle back into my life? What had gone missing and how could I find it?

As I glanced at my Instagram feed, it clicked. My posts were no longer filled with glints of random inspiration that I found along my journey on a daily basis. I stopped liking myself so much so that I privatised my account. I was ashamed for the world to see my page because I had lost pieces of me. Instagram has always been a place for me to share the beauty that God tucks away in little corners to be discovered just by me; or paints boldly across landscapes and skylines for me to draw peace from & know “God’s got me”. And I let that slip away.

So I am embarking on a journey, a challenge for myself to get back to finding these treasures and I’ll be sharing my journey as I go. Gulp. Please do join me as I pursue inspiration, not happiness.

Photo Cred: Pinterest
Photo Cred: Pinterest

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