Ready or Not… 2016 is here.

Hello 2016
Hello 2016

Just like that classic Fugees cut states, 2016 has landed upon us… whether we like it or not. We’ve been talking about it, we’ve been preparing for it. And now it’s here. That’s the thing about a new year. Whether you are or aren’t, it will still come. And with it, it brings high expectations and some deep disappointments.

I wasn’t very ready for 2016 to come to be honest. Not that I hadn’t started preparing because I had. Not that I was behind on my planning because I wasn’t really. The fact that you’re supposed to turn off from one year and gear into the next is what can be difficult to come to terms with.

What I’m coming to understand is that though our calendars change, life continues for the most part, as it did in the previous year. With the same job, same friends and family, same relationships and same responsibilities.

A new year does, however, offer an opportunity to shed off the old baggage that weighed us down and replace it with a fresh perspective to do things differently and hopefully better.

At the end of the day, what counts most are the milestones we reach and the projects we complete as opposed to how many years we clock while on earth. My prayer for you is that you reach many-a-milestone in this year you’ve been granted. Most importantly, may you enjoy and learn from each step along the way.


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