The Struggle of a Creative Christian

Apparently, nowadays it’s OK to coin ourselves as being ‘creatives’. A word that is seemingly over-used and somewhat redundant. Despite it being this way, I consider myself creatively inclined, and this is the term that, I suppose, comes with.

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Photo Cred: Whipper Skipper

So why is it a struggle? The thing is, creatives feel and see and want to express themselves in many ways. And there are ample ways to relay ones creativity. Unfortunately, not all these avenues are reflective of what it means to be a Christian or are in line with Christian beliefs.

I have had conversations with fellow believers in the creative industry and how the struggle is real. As a fashion designer, musician, writer etc. it can be incredibly difficult to be taken seriously as soon as you put a religious spin on your work. On the contrary, it seems so easy to fit in if one takes a more ‘worldly’ approach.

In addition, there are many events, opportunities and avenues of expression when one disregards religion. There is also the assumption that once you are creative, you are liberal and the liberty granted to you comes at a price. You ought to endorse freedom of speech, homosexuality, feminism, sex before marriage and all else that has become ‘socially acceptable’ in this world. As soon as you have an opinion outside of this, your membership in the creative club is questionable.

How then, do we navigate such a beautiful yet treacherous terrain?

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

That is the guiding principle we ought to live by. God is the ultimate Creator who gifted us with our talents and creativity. I don’t believe God would grant us with this to torture us. I do believe that He did endow us with these abilities so that we can worship and praise Him in all we do. It is a question of channeling our creativity in the way in which He wants us to. It takes a more deliberate effort to do so, but it is certainly not impossible.

The key, I believe, is to constantly ask yourself if what you are doing what glorifies God. Keeping this in mind always and in all things, I would like to believe, will provide some direction for a creative Christian.


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