Because You’re Worth It

A lot of ladies will know that ever-present tag-line from L’Oréal’s numerous campaigns. “Because You’re Worth It”. An affirmation that you deserve the best in life because you are worth it. For beauty products, it’s on the mark as it sets to affirm ladies that they are worth looking and feeling beautiful. It is a line that resonates deeply with most. But not all.

Cue in Rumbi. I used to be an impulse buyer and I believed I deserved what I got. Especially in varsity. But somewhere along the line, I lost that. I missed that.

To me, I began to associate doing things for myself as being selfish, inconsiderate and a waste of money. There were bigger fish to fry and other needs to be met. Looking and feeling beautiful was a vain activity. One that needed to be put on the back burner.

These are crazy thoughts seeing as I was raised by a woman who is gorgeous and whom I saw daily taking care of her skin, getting dressed beautifully and one who always applied her make-up so exquisitely. My Mama. Never in vain but with the care of a woman who knew her worth and took pride in being presentable.

So where did I lose the plot? In this world, we are blasted daily with images about beauty and how we will never measure up. For me, perhaps, I decided to take it to the other extreme. I decided not to celebrate my beauty for fear of coming across as vain and self-centred. I was afraid to get lost in looking good.

In the midst of trying to remain ‘humble’, I confused putting my needs first for vanity. Of course we ought to be concerned for others and do unto others as we’d want them to do unto us. But my personal resources were quickly being depleted and I was losing sight of me.

So I have had to relearn to love myself. I’ve generally been good at the fitness and healthy eating stuff (shoutout to my sis who keeps me on track). But I needed to understand that it’s OK to embrace my beauty, myself, that it was alright to want to feel good. It is alright to take care of me sometimes without losing sight of the bigger picture in life.

So I have been on a journey to get past this stage of my life. I understand there are lessons to be garnered from it, and I am embracing my journey as I go along. For if we don’t celebrate ourselves, who will? Humility can so often be confused to mean downplaying ourselves and what we have to offer. I don’t believe God meant it to be that way.

So ladies, let’s celebrate ourselves and each other… Because after all, we are worth it.

Photo Cred: Urbgasm
Photo Cred: Urbgasm

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