5 Things Every Girl Ought To Know

Sunday morning and I get a message from the big sis. It was one of those loooooooooong WhatsApp forwards. I sighed so hard. I don’t do too well with forwards. But she insisted that I read it. Thank goodness she did.

I went on to discover that it was written by a man. So much insight was given into the way we Christian women think and operate when it comes to relationships. I must say I was very surprised and impressed. I had to share what SuperChampInc had to say.

Now, I am not one to go on about decoding men to understand what they think a lá Steve Harvey. I am an advocate for becoming the person Christ wants you to be on this life journey, of being the best you you can be. And with the numerous dating advice thrown around, it is refreshing to get such a gem of a Christian perspective on it. Here are a few takeaways that really resonated from the article:

1. Searching for Jesus Himself

Looking for the perfect man is something I blame on them Disney movies we watched as little girls. The search for a ‘saviour’ to rescue us from ourselves or our situations. No person can save us. That’s why Christ came to die for us and that’s who should hold that title in our lives. So “instead of looking for perfection, look for someone who is striving towards perfection”.

2. Not caring to prince your man

If any of you have watched ‘Something New‘, you would know about ‘the list’ and Kenya having to learn to ‘let go and let flow’. Lists. We women are incredible at those especially when it comes to the kind of men we want and how we ought to be treated as princesses. Trouble is, we forget that we too need to treat them as princes, we need to compliment and appreciate them too. They are not there to be our slaves.

3. Liking to be pursued… not caught

Playing hard to get has caused many an affliction for our poor brothers. Looking at the women in the Bible like Ruth – we ought to stop and think about our modern day methods in comparison to theirs. I love what the writer says here: “Just as you are a gift to him, he is also a gift to you! If a man is pursing you, do not run him away with games.” *cues ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart‘*

4. Being too picky!

Now ain’t that the truth! What I loved about this pointer is that women don’t necessarily want the man that God has purposed. We are so good at picking out a man that we want and asking God to ‘make it happen’ for us. “If he is not giving you your hearts desires, it may be because you are not ready to handle your heart’s desire. It may be because what you desire is not desirable!” God doesn’t play like that!

5. Wanting Boaz while remaining Delilah

Finding flaws in any and every man and not realising that we too are so flawed. No one is perfect and truth is, maybe that guy won’t come along because “they are not willing to ‘settle’ either” – it’s not all about us. Relationships are a two-way street! BOOM!

I encourage you all to read the article in full. And to the gents reading this, he’s also got you covered with ‘5 Reasons Why Many Christian Guys Remain Single‘ 😉



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