We’re all equal… Some more than others

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – Animal Farm

Cliques and crews. Circles and memberships. Clubs and societies. These establishments form often to seclude and segregate. Isolate and intimidate.

George Orwell articulated it so well in his satirical masterpiece, ‘Animal Farm’. That is exactly the state of the human race.  Proponents of freedom are so quick to fight for equal rights and yet so easily step through the doors of the VIP section.

Perhaps I have never had enough money to understand the importance or joy of exclusivity in this manner. Maybe I am yet to be enlightened. The exclusivity I speak of need not be confined to clubs and societies. I speak of this on the very basis of human interaction. “No new friends” and “You can’t sit with us” are thrown around so freely on the interwebs – terms that highlight a level of ‘cool’ that can only be attained by a certain hand picked elite.

Terms like this are often made popular by celebrities (side-eye Drizzy). As a result of their level of influence, people adopt these terms and attitudes without a flinch. My question is, do we ever stop and question the status-quo bandwagon that we are so quick to jump on? Or do we need to certify our ‘cool’ by being early adopters who then can be admired by others?

The notion of separating self from the majority at the expense of others disturbs me. Perhaps I have never been ‘cool’ let alone ‘cool enough’, so I don’t quite understand the benefits. The reason why I don’t like it is because purporting to be better than someone else – be it coz you are better connected, more educated, more beautiful, more successful, more fashionable, wealthier than or simply because of an attitude one has – goes against the very grain of who Christ calls us to be. “Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.” – Romans 12:16

It causes the ‘outcast’ to question their very being, existence, social standing, worth, value, abilities, talents, capabilities and value in this world. One could argue that “they are clearly insecure and need to be more self-confident”. To that I say – as my little bro would put it – “how foolish”.

In this world, no man is an island. Our actions and behaviour have an impact on the lives of others. It is so irresponsible for us to claim “I’m just doing me” when it is at the expense of others. Every action has an effect. So let us not blind ourselves like the rap gods who profess to do as they please. We live in a community – from global to local. Our lives are affected by others, one way or another.

Christ called us to care for one another as brothers and sisters. We cannot be so ig’nant as to disregard other people. I am not saying that we ought to let go of our individuality or need to become best friends with the whole world. Of course not – as humans, we are drawn to like-minded people and we are relational beings. All I am saying is, we need to respect one another and be wary of the way we relate to everyone around us.

This world we live in has become ridiculous. It is filled with ‘influencers, trendsetters, tastemakers’ and all the more. What kind of trends are we setting? Are they fueling greed, covetousness, jealousy or contentment, happiness for others and joy in self?

After all is said and done, we are all equal in the sight of God. When this world comes to an end, it is He whom we will have to answer to. And that, will make all the difference.

“Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellow-man has fulfilled the law.”

Romans 13:8


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