All Roads Lead To Las Gidi

Ever wondered what life in Lagos is like? Well, wonder no more! Gidi Culture Productions recently released the first episode of their series entitled ‘Gidi Culture: All Roads’ and it sure does give some great insight.

Gidi Culture

To some people, all Africans can be categorised into one box – a notion the ironically and ingeniously titled blog ‘Africa Is A Country‘ seeks to demystify. Gidi Culture features the trials and tribulations of 6 youths from different walks of life as they face the ups and downs of Living in Lagos  AKA Las Gidi. Life as an African differs from one country to another, but there are some common challenges and issues that we as Africans face. Gidi Culture highlights these from a Nigerian perspective, allowing the rest of us into this world whilst also underpinning commonalities that we all face as young people.

As a proponent for Africans telling their story from their perspective, I am excited about what this show is looking to do! Episode one introduces the characters to us, a focal point being on the life of Halima who is a graduate school student in New York from a privileged background, forced to return to Lagos suddenly. We see her as she tries to reintegrate into Lagos life and the many interactions of those around her.

Peep episode 1 of this new TV series below and keep your eyes on the Gidi Culture Productions channel for new episodes.


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