Religion, you have failed us.

False prophets. False teachings. False manifestations. Truth breaching. Preaching self over God, me over us. Talking about wealth, forgetting spiritual health. Talking about shine, forgetting Jesus in thine heart.

Religion has failed us! Time and time again. Leaders telling us what to believe in. Not Holy Spirit led but selfish spirit fed. Factions and fans fanning the ego. No Spirit to lead where we should go.

Religion has failed us! You have failed us in so many ways. Infidels have multiplied because of the way you have been. Oppressing, suppressing, digressing over and over again.

Religion, you have failed us. It breaks me within. What kind of religion teaches violence, hatred and prosperity at any expense. At the expense of love, life and truth. While many go hungry, leaders wallow in gold filth.

No wonder they run. No wonder they shout. No wonder they don’t care what we’re all about. Religion, you have failed us and continue to do so. When will you come back to truth? When will you come home?


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