I’m @rumbidzayIIshe and I’m a Narc

Handles and pages. Tweets and grams. Each and every minute of each day seems to be consumed with these and others. Filling up each tiny bit of space, scrambling to be seen and heard.

There is a beauty and a curse in it all. The beauty lies in the ability to tell stories in 140 characters and in images we capture of what we see. The beauty is in being able to develop friendships beyond boarders and time zones. There is beauty in the ability to discuss and debate issues that are important to you on such great platforms. And there is beauty in sharing some of life’s greatest moments.

The curse arises because there are – to an extent – no real boundaries on what you can and cannot post. You are your censor and in times of passion or overwhelming emotion, the lines oft get blurred. The curse lies in feeling the need to portray yourself in a certain light – painting a picture of your life that is more often than not, a phantom representation of the truth. There is a curse in seeking ‘likes’ and comments – thinking that this adds value to you and your worth. Likes, comments and acknowledgement are great but they should not overpower your relationships in reality. Do your loved ones around you feel loved and do you feel loved by them?

A narcissistic culture is being bred at a frightening pace. So concerned we become about who is following our every move, we lose sight of what is going on around us outside of a screen. I am afraid that we will soon lose touch of humanity and those around us, becoming so self-absorbed and waking up one day, wondering where time went and who we truly are. Welcome to the ‘me generation’, my generation.


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