You Have Become A Butterfly

I have always had a strong fascination with butterflies. Beautiful creatures they are.  Not only for the fact that they are able to fly, but moreso because of the nature of their journey.

Theirs is a journey of transformation that begins with being ‘irrelevant’ creatures that grow into grotesque caterpillars, and then are enclosed within the walls of a cocoon for a while. A dark, encompassed and lonely place. Given that it is enclosed within this darkness, one would expect it to emerge an unattractive, horrific creature far from the delicate beauty that butterflies represent. Thankfully, butterflies emerge from this place into the brightness of day as one of the most beautiful insects on earth.

To me, life is a journey of transformation similar to that of a butterfly. We are constantly transforming, hopefully to a point where we reach our potential and fulfill our purpose on this earth. Unfortunately, this transformation does not guarantee beauty or winged flight. Depending on how we allow life and our experiences to shape us, our transformation can be for the better or worse.

All in all though, the idea of metamorphosis in this thing called life provides a great deal of hope. Knowing that with each compression of life, each experience we undergo feeling alone or in a ‘dark place’, there is the hope of breaking free & taking off on new-found wings. There is the hope of waking up in the light, ready to soar above and beyond as we take on the world.

I am encouraged by this and hope you can draw encouragement from this too. That if you are not yet already, one day you too will become a butterfly.



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