Young & Beautiful

“Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?”

Lana Del Rey poses this rhetorical question to her love in this incredible song that formed the perfect backdrop for ‘The Great Gatsby’. It is such a treat these days to watch a great movie with an equally great soundtrack that you can tell was clearly thought out and perfectly matched.

In light of my last post on youth and how we often seek to preserve it for as long as possible, this song speaks so well to that notion. Here we see Lana reminiscing on her ‘younger days’ and all the fun that was had. She’s “seen the world, done it all, had (her) cake” but when all is said and done, she just wants to be loved. She goes on to ask her love if he will still love her when the beauty has faded and the youthfulness is no more, knowing that their love runs deeper than what’s on the outside and is not on the same watch as the limited days of youth. She is confident in his love.

It underpins what I mentioned before – in this life, we need to embrace each day of our lives and all the precious moments we have for one day we too will be walking down memory lane remembering all the good times. At the end of it all, one surely wants to be surrounded by those who love them unconditionally. Those to whom you can confidently respond to the question above – “I know you will.”


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