Kids – Wynter Gordon

‘I don’t know, who you are

Anymore, you’re a mystery now.

An unfamiliar face.’

The opening lines of this song immediately tell you she’s going to a sad, dark place. ‘Kids’ is the fourth track on Wynter Gordon’s ‘Human Condition: Doleo‘ EP, the predecessor to the more cheerfully optimistic ‘Human Condition: Sanguine‘. Human Condition is a four-part series of EPs Wynter released independently last year.

‘Doleo’ means ‘to suffer pain; to be pained; grieve’ in Latin and this song does just that. Wynter grieves over a childhood friend who she used to know so well but has become strange to her  – the result of her friend drowning in reality, losing all hope and innocence.

I think in some way or another, we can relate. As children, many of us grow up with dreams, aspirations, self-love and faith in self; and then somewhere along the line, lose a bit of that. The danger begins when we dwell on failure and how life knocked us down. The reality of growing up is our childhood dreams are often made to seem improbable and unrealistic. The key is not to give in, not to lose that innocence so as not to drown in a sea of sorrow and regret.

I love how Wynter was able to tell this story – one that is not often told – so well and with such great emotion. My favourite off  ‘Doleo’, and there are a great deal of gems on Human Condition.

Poignant. Beautiful.


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