H-Town Glory

Home has been on my mind a lot lately. With elections coming up, I guess it’s no doubt it has been. I was going through some old pics and came across ones from a holiday in 2009 when I took two of my friends, both who are from South Africa, home with me. I got to show them H-town, my ‘home-town glory’.

Most of the media reports to do with Zimbabwe dwell more on the negatives than the positives. Granted, as a nation we have gone through a lot, but there is a great deal more to Zimbabwe than what meets the average reader’s eye. So I decided to write this post in celebrating the place I call home.

If ever you want to rekindle your love for home, I suggest inviting a foreign friend home, exploring it through their fresh eyes. It makes you appreciate the gems you have at home. For me, it is an honour and a privilege to do so. I hope you enjoy this ride ’round my home-town 😉

Pick-Ups and Stock-Ups

First up, we scooped up the hommies, Camme and Didi from Harare International Airport which stands so tall and proud. Our first day together, we rolled through the streets of H-town and did went to do some shopping at Bon Marche, a local retail store. Given the dry spell of 2008, Didi and Cam were impressed to see the shelves fully stocked.

Curio Shopping

A highlight for me was when we went curio shopping with the ladies at Doon Estate in Msasa. There is so much great local talent on display here, showcasing the creativity of Zimbabweans. I had a blast admiring what was on offer. After this, we went to grab some tea at Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale AKA ‘Village’ – no trip would be complete without popping through this local hang out spot. Many hours have been spent trolling those paved streets by the young and adolescent.

Flea Market

Avondale shopping centre was a popular hang out spot back in my day. We’d go watch movies, grab coffee, take strolls around the flea market and have lunch with friends amongst other things. One can make some great finds at the local flea market.

Dinner, Dancing and Departures

The final night comprised of dinner at Dongfang, a local Chinese restaurant in Chisipite followed by a fun night out and a quick stop by Pizza Inn on Samora Machel on the way home before bidding the ladies farewell.

My home-town, my heart.


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