Come To Victoria Falls Part II – White Water Rafting

I mentioned last week that I would be posting Part II of my ‘Come To Victoria Falls’ post and here it is!! Whilst we were in Vic Falls, we had the awesome experience of going white water rafting.

I was very anxious about this little ‘adventure’ when the decision was made that we’d be hitting the waves in this manner. For some reason, I was certain I’d hit my head on a rock when the raft capsized. The fear ran deep even though I knew they wouldn’t let us go rafting if the water was not deep enough.

VF 8

Despite my fears and uncertainty, I went along for the ride. We used Shockwave Rafting‘s services for this experience and they were awesome!! Our captain was so much fun and really got us to get out of our comfort zones. The excitement grew and by the time we got to our destination, I was all smiles!!

VF 12
We were all smiles not quite understanding what lay ahead of us.

One thing you don’t quite realise when you go rafting somewhere like Victoria Falls is what a steep hike it is to get down to the gorge. And you have to do this whilst carrying your equipment. Luckily for us, we got the guys to carry our oars for us. We finally made it to the bottom where the captain gave us some safety instructions and we practised our safety skills. Don’t take these for granted!! It really helps to know what you’re doing especially when the raft capsizes.

We had such a blast! The raft capsized several times but we all made it out alive! It was one of the most thrilling experiences I have ever had and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

During the quieter moments, we got to observe the scenery and what a scene it was. So breathtaking. Seeing the world from such a magnificent angle was such a treat.

VF 17

We also got to pause at the edge of the river. Here we dove from quite a height into the water below us. It was an unreal feeling. The guys also got to go down a natural water slide – Am and I weren’t too sure about trying that, so we stayed in the raft!

VF 21

After all was said and done, we made the long, breathtaking – in more ways than one – trek back to the top. Once again, the guys carried our oars. The crew ran up and down (literally) past us as they collected the rest of the equipment. I was amazed at their levels of fitness considering how much huffing and puffing I did as well as the number of breaks we had to take to make it up top where the crew was waiting for us with a delicious lunch spread.

An incredible experience.


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