Mother of Regret

I’m a terminal disease,

I make you weak to your knees.

I engulf every part of your being

And make you see what is unseen.

I consume right down to the marrow of the bone

I’ll leave you cold, ashamed and all alone.

I am the cause of sleepless nights and dream-state days

I turn bright sunny days into ones filled with clouds and rain.

I amputate and freeze limbs

I make the mind go round in circles, again and again.

I am a toxin, oh so toxic to human growth

And there’s no breathing till I’m exhaled out of the soul.

I give birth to regret, I am the wellspring of tears

Hello all, my name is Fear.


4 thoughts on “Mother of Regret

    1. It is natural to have fear and it can be good e.g. when it is to save yours or someone’s life. The problem comes when it is crippling and inhibits your ability to be great or try something new or experience life. Thank you for your input 😉

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