10 Songs Reminiscent Of Growing Up In The 90’s

Music. Aaaah. This is one of my utmost favourite things in the world. It seals memories into a 4 minute time capsule (on average) never to be lost.  I decided to make a list of 10 songs that most kids (if you too were a music lover) who grew up in the 90’s  would know. I’m sure there are many others, but here are a few to start with. Feel free to add your tracks in the comments section!

1. Waterfalls – TLC

What a track. I don’t even think I realised at the time that the song was about HIV and AIDS. I was more concerned with trying to figure out how on earth they were standing on water. I like to think that the inspiration behind this video came from Matthew 14:22-33. I know I’d love to walk on water too.

2. Baby One More Time – Britney Spears 

If you didn’t know this song, I don’t know what you were doing with your life. It catapulted Brit into superstardom and what a jam it was. Sadly, our school uniform wouldn’t permit us to try this look out so we lived vicariously through her music videos.

3. Ready or Not The Fugees

These were the days before we could Google lyrics and for a long time, me and my friends sang “Rad-io nine, here I come, you can’t hide” at the top of our lungs – yes, we did. Love the Enya sample on this one – not that I knew it was her back then.

4. Are You That Somebody – Aaliyah

The original Baby Girl! She was the epitome of cool when I was growing up in her low-riding cargo pants, crop tops and timbs.

5. Everything – Mary J. Blige

I remember singing my heart out  to this song with my cousin like we knew what it meant to be in love. Such a beaut of a song.

6. I Want It That WayBackstreet Boys

“You are… my fire.” That opening line got me. Every.Single.Time. Yes, I was am an unashamed Backstreet Boys stan to the core. Despite this fact, I still found Blink 182’s parody of this video in ‘All the Small Things’ HI-larious!

7. Don’t Speak – No Doubt

A classic – aint no doubt about that!

8. Wannabe – Spice Girls

No list would be complete without these ladies. They took the pop world by storm in their platform shoes. Most 90’s kids would remember convincing their parents that they NEEDED to get the Spice Girls’ lollipops, dolls, stickers and other such paraphernalia to be deemed ‘cool’ by their peers.

9. Party (Up in Here) – DMX

Mama Dube had her own remix to this song that went a little like this: “Thabo Mbeki lose my mind, up in here, up in here!” And she thought she was down. Oh DMX, always so angry, but boy did we love it!

10. Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey

MC had us all singing along to this one, envisioning ourselves taking over our local movie theatres with our ‘1 and 2 and a 3’ dance moves, rapping along to  Jigga coz we sure did love everything Jay said and did. And of course, who can forget that bathroom fight scene we all hoped we’d never have to encounter.


Don’t forget to share some of your faves in the Comments section below 🙂


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