Come to Victoria Falls… down in Zimbabwe!

There’s been an age-old debate of which side of the Victoria Falls is the best – the Zambian or Zimbabwean one. To each his own really, but as a Zimbabwean, I know we’re quite protective of our side of them falls. Some may call it bias, I call it patriotism! We even have a song about the falls for crying out loud! Think I’m kidding?

I was fortunate to join my good friends Amanda and Brett and their buddie Jamie on a visit to this world wonder – Zimbabwean side of course –  in 2011 and what a blast we had! We put on our tourist hats, hung out with David Livingstone, took a shower courtesy of the mist from the falls and dined out at ‘The Boma‘. The falls are majestic and oh so beautiful. I am in awe of God when I am out in nature and this sure was one awesome trip! Truly makes me proud to be called African and Zimbabwean.

The Boma is a must when you’re in Vic Falls. You are greeted so warmly as you’re draped in zambias (the African version of sarongs) and get your faces painted in various African designs. Dinner is buffet style and you get to eat to your hearts content, taking your pick from a wide variety of African dishes. These dishes range from crocodiles’ tail to mopani worms, so you might wanna ask if you’re not sure what you’re being served. The grand finale is when you’re invited as patrons to join the crew in learning songs and beating your drums as you take turns to dance the night away to your hearts content! Simply magical!

I’ll be posting part II of our great adventure soon. You wanna stay tuned…


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